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If you already read our Product Feature on our GPS for Kids page, and want to learn more about the Relay devices, you’ve come to the right place. As parents, getting a full picture of what you’re going to invest in can be very reassuring. Here are some features of the Relay devices that we absolutely love and want to share with you. 


Relay’s 4G LTE coverage is as good as any major cell phone network. Plus they are all Wi-Fi enabled! The coverage is so much more affordable than a cell phone plan. Each device has a $9.99 a month fee to keep them activated and on the network.


By clicking the power button, the Relay will switch between channels. By default, the Relay devices we received were set to the Channel that allows communication between all of them. Clicking the button allows you to switch to talk to any specific device on your personal network- including the parent app. 

Bonus channels include a Translate feature, Music, and a Daily Joke. You can also add out-of-network devices for a temporary instant chat. 


In our product feature, we focused on the GPS features and Geofencing that is perhaps the best part of the Relay devices. What we didn’t mention is that you can set multiple Geofences up at once.

Here’s our quick list of places you might want to add as soon as you get your Relay devices for your kids:

  • Home
  • Schools
  • Best Friend’s Home
  • Grandparents Home
  • Locations for Any Weekly Extra Curricular Activities
  • Mall
  • Nearby Parks
  • Nearby Zoos/Amusement Parks

By setting up these locations ahead of time, you can hit the ground running with ease of mind knowing you can keep track of your family without having eyes on them. 


We’ve already mentioned that you receive notifications when Relay devices have sent messages to the home App, or when they have left/entered a Geofenced location. They also alert your phone when the battery is low on each device.

Relay device with Armband, charging on magnetic USB cord.

The devices themselves will flash green around the center button when they have a missed message. They also will beep. Missed messages can happen if the Relay device is on a different channel when they are messaged by another Relay or the companion App. 

SOS Mode

Our second favorite feature has been recently added. The SOS mode allows your kids to let you know when they need you right away. It sends a push notification to your phone that has to be resolved to go away. 

If you want to learn more about this mode and how to use it, check out the help section of Relay’s website.


It feels like we’ve only just brushed the surface of these device features. Here are a few extras worth mentioning. 

  • Accessories. We were sent the neoprene armband case, and the loop case with a lanyard. Both are high quality and easy to put on.
  • Durability. Relays are definitely made for kids. Plus they are water resistant!
  • Customization. The Relay’s currently come in 5 colors, and are packaged with a set of stickers so you can customize the center button on the devices. 
  • Music Channel. You can add the ability to listen to music from the device by uploading music with the included USB charging cable. The Relay’s also feature the traditional headphone jack.

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