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Walkie talkies were first designed as a military tool. But this technology has made it a great tool for families for fun and safety. The best walkie talkies for kids and families can do a lot to improve playtime and beyond.

Walkie talkies let kids have some independence while staying connected to mom and dad. They are great toys for playing at the park, taking camping or using at theme parks. They are also great imagination toys that take playing with siblings and friends to a whole new level. 

Plus, it means you don’t need to give your kids a cell phone to stay in touch. Read on to learn what to look for in kids walkie talkies. Up first, you should explore our list of top 10 best walkie talkies for kids. 

Top 10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 2020

Now that you know what to look for in children’s walkie talkies. Here is a list of the top 10 best-rated walkie talkies for kids.  

1. Little Pretender Two-Way Radio Set 

Little Pretender Two-Way Radio Set

For the youngest little explorers, the little pretender walkie talkies are a great learning set. These walkie talkies are small, easy to use and have a decent two-mile range.

There are just three channels which are more than enough for kids under five years old. There’s also rugged enough to stand up to bumps, drops, and falls. Best of all this set comes with a belt clip and a flashlight that’s built in. These extras make walkie talkie games so much more fun. 

2. Sokos Wireless Walkie Talkies

Sokos Wireless Walkie Talkies

At a low price, these Sokos walkie talkies give you great value. If your kids have never owned a set of walkie talkies, the Sokos is a great starter set. The Sokos come in bright, fun colors and are durable and simple to use.

Best of all, this set gives you up to three and a half hours of continuous use on a single charge. Or they can last nine hours on standby mode. There’s even a built-in flashlight for manhunt at night in the backyard. 

This set does need three AAA batteries that aren’t included. But you’ll get three and a half hours of runtime and nine hours in standby mode.

3. USA Toyz Vox Box Walkie Talkies

USA Toyz Vox Box Walkie Talkies

These walkie talkies were built for kids. They have simple, labeled buttons, an LED flashlight, LCD backlit screen, and a 3-mile range. With 22 channels and 99 sub-channels, finding the right frequency will be no problem.

You’ll like the audio jack so kids can plug in their headphones for super stealth mode. No need to push buttons to talk with the voice-activated mode.  We’d recommend this walkie talkie for kids ages three and up. 

4. Retevis Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies

One of the best walkie talkies for kids is the Retevis RT628. And we’re sure they will remain that way this year. These walkie talkies weigh only 90 grams. That means that even the littlest hands can hold them without getting tired.

There’s a belt-clip and just a few buttons to use. The channel lock allows kids to stay on the same frequency as their partner.  These walkies run on three AA batteries, which are not included which is a bummer. But so long as you keep batteries in stock at home, you won’t have to worry about a dead walkie when it’s time to play. 

5. Cobra Family Safety Radio Set

Cobra FS300-2 Family Safety Radio Set

If you aren’t ready to give your kids a cell phone but want them to be able to have some safe independence, the Cobra set is perfect for you. This set comes with two adult radios and two kid radios. You get up to 5-miles of range on the kids’ sets and 16 on the parent sets.

The intelligent voice-activated transmission enables parents to know the location of the child without anyone touching a button. 

The devices come pre-paired. You don’t need to pay cell phone service to connect with your kids. And it comes with a lanyard so kids can wear it around their neck while they explore. Best of all, the Cobra is completely waterproof. 

6. Bobela Walkie Talkies

Bobela Walkie Talkies

The Bobela walkie talkie is a lightweight, easy to use two-way radio made from environmentally friendly materials. The long standby time of up to four days means the kids can pick up where they left off even days later.

The VOX feature lets them talk without pressing any buttons. Or they can press the PPT button to communicate with siblings or friends. 

7. UOKOO Walkie Talkies

UOKOO Walkie Talkies

This set hits the middle of the pack in terms of price, and is a great toy for kids of any ages. The ergonomic design makes sure that even the youngest explorers can use this set.

It’s simple to use and is excellent at blocking out background noise. The 3-mile range and a choice of 22 channels make this a great toy for playing in the backyard or at the park. The low-battery alert will let kids know when the device needs to be charged. 

8. Arcshell Rechargeable Two-Way Radios

Arcshell Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Transceivers

The best thing about the Arcshell walkie talkie is that each radio comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charging dock. Never worry about buying batteries.

Included is also a belt clip, earpiece, and a hand strap so that kids can take their walkies on any adventure. The range on this set is up to 5 miles if there are no obstructions. That makes this two-way radio one of the most powerful on this list. 

Also, these walkies are water-resistant and compact enough for tiny hands. The Archshell makes a great gift for any occasion. 

9. Nerf Walkie Talkie

Nerf Walkie Talkie

Nerf is known for making nerf guns that are rugged and tough. Their walkie talkies are no different. These orange and blue two-way radios give kids an impressive range of up to 1,000 feet.

We love the built-in belt clip for keeping the walkie talkie handy wherever kids are. Kids will love the morse code button so they can send coded messages to their friends. The Neft walkie talkie guarantees hours of fun. 

10. Floureon Walkie Talkies

Floureon Walkie Talkies

If you have more than two kids, the Floureon walkie talkies are a good idea.  They cost less than if you were to buy two sets of two walkie talkies. The long battery life, long range, and crisp sound quality make this set one of the best-rated walkie talkies for kids.

This set is lightweight, compact and very easy to use. There are 22 channel options and a feature that cancels out background noise. Best of all, the built-in flashlight and LCD display make this a fun set to use at night. 

3 Types of Walkie Talkies 

There are three main types of walkie talkies for kids that you can choose.

best walkie talkies for kids
  • Touchless
    • The first is a touchless two-way radio. These sets have a child and a parent device. The parent one has a push-to-talk button. The child device doesn’t. This is a good way to check in with your kids when they are out and about. Another option is GPS watches for kids if you want to keep track of your child. 
  • Standard
    • The second option is a standard two-way radio. Each device is paired and lets you connect with each other with the push of a button.
  • Multiple Devices
    • The third type of walkie talkie for kids are multiple paired devices. You can get these two-way radios in sets of four. These are great if you have larger families.

Benefits and Features of Walkie Talkies for Kids

There are several features you need to know about before you decide which walkie talkie to purchase. Here are some of the benefits and features of walkie talkies for kids.

best walkie talkies for kids


When you are shopping for kids walkie talkies, one of the most important considerations is how easy the device is to use.

Large buttons and simple designs are what you want for kids two-way radios. If you are shopping for young kids, you’ll want a lightweight device that is ergonomically designed to fit in the smallest hands. 

Water Resistant

Your kids will likely use their walkie talkies outside in the yard or at the park. Chances are that these devices will fall into a puddle or be used in the rain. You probably want to get a set of walkie talkies that is somewhat water resistant. 


Again, because walkie talkies are going to be used during wild and energetic games, you need them to be durable. Walkie talkies that are specifically designed for kids often are rugged and durable. That means they can stand to be dropped again and again. 


Walkie talkies can come in a wide variety of ranges. Some offer just a mile or so while others boast up to 30 miles. 

For kids, you probably only need a few miles of range. But consider where you live. If you live in a rural area, you’ll likely get the full “up to” range listed on the side of the box. But if you like in an urban environment, expect the range to be much less than the maximum amount advertised on the packaging. 

Battery Life

A walkie talkie is no fun if the battery is always dead. Look for models that have a decent battery life so that your kids can get the most play out of a single charge.

Some walkie talkies are rechargeable. Others use AAA batteries. Consider which would be easier for you and look for that type when you go shopping. 

Other Cool and Handy Features

Some walkie talkies come with other features that you might want.

  • For example, a belt clip makes it easy for kids to bring their walkie talkie with them when they go out to play.
  • A call tone alerts kids that someone is calling them from a paired two-way radio.
  • VOX is a feature that lets kids talk without having to push a button. This is handy if they are playing on the backyard play set
  • Auto-squelch works to reduce static and background noise so kids can hear what the other person is saying on the other device. 

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