Trampolines provide kids with years of enjoyment and are actually something they will go outside for! There are a wide range of trampolines available for kids of all ages. The tricky thing is narrowing down to exactly which one best fits your family’s needs. There are full sized trampolines with safety netting, mini trampolines, and even little bouncers with safety bars for young children to play on. Peruse our list of the best trampolines below.

Top 5 Best Trampolines of 2017

There are various types of the best rated trampolines to buy for kids that usually range from small to large as well as round to rectangular. The main factor shaping most people’s decision about a trampoline is the age of their kid(s). The best option strikes the right balance between enjoyment as well as safety. If you have a younger child, you may want to consider a trampoline with a handlebar they can hold on to while jumping.

1. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

If you’re looking for the ultimate trampoline, the Skywalker makes a good case for being the best trampoline out there. This is our top pick for the best backyard trampoline. Your kids will love you forever, well at least for a few days. This trampoline is designed for kids of all ages. It comes in 6 color styles for the spring cover. It is a well built trampoline with 96 tightly coiled springs armored with rust-resistant coating.

The netting runs along the outside of the jumping surface. Furthermore, a well padded cover runs across the top of the trampoline springs. These features work together to prevent kids from coming into contact with the springs and gaps between the springs. Little fingers and toes are kept safe from pinching and other more serious injuries. This trampoline meets ASTM safety standards.

The big highlight of the Jump N’ Dunk is the dunk part. It comes with a basketball hoop and soft basketball. The basketball hoop can be attached anywhere along the net and easily removed as well. This extra feature is one that kids really love. Being able to dunk like NBA stars is kind of a sure way to light up their faces with glee.

2. Pure Fun Super Jumper Trampoline for Kids

Pure Fun 48-Inch Kids Super Jumper Trampoline

The Pure Fun Super Jumper measures 48 x 48 x 34 inches and weighs about 22 pounds. It is recommended for ages 3 and above. This is one of the best mini trampolines that provides a small bouncing space for your child to play and not get hurt. Kids get to work on their coordination, balance, and stamina. And it keeps them busy and from bugging you. A win-win!

Forty galvanized steel springs make sure there’s plenty of bouncing action for as long as your kid wants to go. An outer cushion protects children from falling into the spring, guarding against pinches and another injuries.

It is light enough to be moved around so you can take it from room to room and keep an eye on your little one. The padded 35 inch handrail helps kids work on their balance before using ‘no hands’.

3. Little Tikes 7 inch Trampoline
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

This is one of the best trampolines for kids in terms of safety features. It is one of the best selling trampolines in the entire category and our pick for the best trampoline for toddlers. Aimed a young children, the Little Tikes Trampoline is an excellent tool in a parents arsenal. Pop your toddler on here and watch them burn all that energy off. This product is extremely light (15 pounds and 3 feet wide) hence very easy to transport from one place to another allowing you to move it from one room to the next or say out on the porch.

The price is right on this trampoline, for a little more than $40 you get a sturdy bouncer with one of the best handlebars. It may not be as well built as some of the other trampolines, but the plastic and metal are going to last your child until they outgrow it.

4. Zupapa Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Zupapa 15 Foot Trampoline

The Zupapa Trampoline is one of the best outdoor trampolines available. It is offered in 12, 14, and 15 foot size options. A max capacity of 330 pounds for the 12 and 14 foot versions, while the 15 foot version holds a maximum of 375 pounds. The warranty on this trampoline is the best we’ve seen in the industry. You get full coverage on most parts for up to one year. That means if anything breaks a new part will be supplied by the company free of charge.

The steel frame, mesh net, spring padding, rain cover, and steel ladder are all quality components built to last. The trampoline comes in 3 boxes and is fairly easy to assemble. While a little time consuming, you don’t need to do any drilling or a full toolbox to put it together successfully. This trampoline is TUV approved. TUV is a German consumer protection organization that tests products for safety and usability.

5. Skywalker Trampolines Seaside Adventure Bouncer

Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

This ASTM approved 60 inch mini bouncer is one of the most popular bouncers available. It has a 100 pound weight capacity and is recommended for ages 3 through 7. The Seaside Adventure Bouncer has a 360 degree handle that provides support all the way around. Little ones can easily develop their bouncing and balancing skills without being glued to one side of the bouncer.

This bouncer incorporates stretch bands instead of metal springs, which are much safer. Combined with a gap free enclosure net, wide frame pad covering the stretch bands, your little one is protected from any unfortunate mishaps. Last but not least, we like the clever screen printed sea animals on the jumping surface. Kids get a kick out of the dolphin, starfish, and whale and playing jumping games using the 3 icons.

General Thoughts on Trampolines

Trampolines provide children with years of enjoyment. Even younger teenagers enjoy going out on the trampoline for a good bounce, or just as a hangout spot the lay around and chill. They aren’t inexpensive compared to some toys, however. Nevertheless, this investment will last years and surprisingly enough, get your kids outdoors! Whether younger or older, a trampoline lends a healthy avenue for kids to tucker themselves out.

Best Trampolines for Kids

Smaller bouncers or mini-trampolines are perfect for indoor use and younger kids ages 3 through 7. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to a full size trampoline (usually under $100). These lightweight bouncers can easily be moved from room to room. Even though they are integrated with plenty of safety features, it’s still nice to keep an eye on your toddler as they bounce away. Most of these kinds of trampolines have handlebars that provide the support your child needs to work on their agility and balancing skills. They are a great way to jumpstart your child’s coordination development.

Larger trampolines that are built to last can range upwards of a few hundred dollars. The larger they go, typically the more expensive they get. 15 foot models can be over $500. Typically you want to find one with a net, as kids will be kids and rough housing can result in one of them shooting off the side into the brambles. A net provides the worst of those little mishaps from happening. Another thing to look for is a padded cover that is thick and quality which goes over the top of the springs. This prevents pinching and the like and from limbs to go into the gaps between the springs. Some of these full size trampolines like the model from Skywalker in our list come with basketball hoops. Kids absolutely adore these trampolines as they get to practice their mad dunking skills and alley-oops.

What to Look for When Shopping for Trampolines

Here are a handful of the top factors to consider when you’re on the market for a trampoline.Benefits of Buying a Quality Trampoline


Round bouncer and standard size trampolines range from about 3 feet across all the way up to 15 feet and higher. Some of the best rectangle trampolines are larger in size as well. Of course as you go bigger, things get more expensive as more materials are required to support a larger jumping surface: more springs, netting, legs, etc. Consider how many kids could potentially be using your new trampoline at a time. If you’ve got a large family or lots of neighborhood kids that like to come over and play, you may want to go larger.


There are bouncers, mini trampolines, small trampolines, and full size trampolines. Most are your spring variety, but some use stretch brands or incorporate an inflatable design. On top of that, some have enclosures or safety bars while others have nothing at all. The bottom line is that you don’t want to buy a little bouncer for your 8 year old, nor do you want to buy a full size trampoline for your toddler. If your child is approaching 7 years of age, we suggest saving the money on a bouncer and going for a larger trampoline that your child will enjoy playing with for years. On the other hand, if your child is still very young a bouncer is a worthwhile purchase and a great way for them to expend some energy.

Build Quality

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best indoor trampoline or best outdoor trampoline, you want something that is quality. This is particularly important when shopping for a large, say 15 foot trampoline. It’s an investment, and you want it to last a long time. You can tell which manufacturers have faith in their products by how long and comprehensive their warranties are. 3 month limited warranty? No thank you. Also, look at the cover that is used to put over the top of the springs. Is it thin or thick? A super thin cover like a tarp indicates pretty low quality.

Safety Features

Whether you’re looking at a mini trampoline or a full sized monster, safety is paramount. Find a trampoline that has netting along the edges and thick padding cover that goes over the springs. This keeps any wild and crazy kids from flying off the side or them from jamming their toes and fingers on the springs. For bouncers, you generally want something your child can hold on to. Look for a model with a handle bar. Kids this age are still working on their balance and coordination, and something they can stabilize themselves with is just the ticket.

Extra Features

Extra features like basketball hoop/balls, ladders, cool designs on the jumping surface, and other such features are worth keeping an eye out for. Did the manufacturer go the extra mile? Did they use rust resistant materials for the frame and did they not skimp on the quantity of springs? For bouncers, are they foldable and easy to store? Some times when the trampoline checks those extra boxes it makes it worth those hard earned dollars.

Top 3 Benefits of Trampolines

Here are the top benefits your family receives from owning a trampoline.

Best Trampolines of this year

  • Exercise. Whether you’ve got a younger child using a bouncer or an older kid jumping with their friends on a 15 foot trampoline, this is an excellent form of exercise. Like swimming or riding their bikes, jumping on a trampoline is a wonderful way for them to expend energy and let you have some time to yourself. Even a toddler will bounce away and probably need a nap shortly thereafter.
  • Development. Young children need to develop their coordination, agility, and balance. This helps prepare them for organized sports and other activities later in life. Handlebars on mini trampolines and bouncers aid the little ones in working on such things without feeling afraid.
  • Enjoyment. Last but certainly not least, the fun factor. If there’s one sure way of lighting your kid(s) faces up with glee is to tell them you bought a trampoline. Kids love jumping around, getting air, and working on their spins and flips. It is one of those universal laws of nature.

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