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Nearly 24 percent of parents are buying tablets for their preschoolers, and we can see why. Tablets can be an educational and effective way to keep your kids entertained. 

But knowing which tablet is right for your kid, isn’t that easy. Keep reading to learn what to look for when buying tablets for kids, and what we think are the best kid-friendly tablets on the market.  

Tablets For Kids Should Be Age-Appropriate 

The best tablet for your kid really depends on how old your child is. VTech and LeapFrog tend to be the best tablets for children between the ages of three and six. But once kids reach ages six or seven, they will start seeing these devices and “toddler’s tablets” and will start to ask you for a device that’s more grown-up. 

Your kids will likely know what an “adult” tablet should look like, as they have probably borrowed yours by now. So you might want to look into getting a refurbished iPad mini or use a hand me down.

Your child will be so excited about this, also apple iPads have the biggest selection of free games and apps. You also can add a child-proof iPad case to make any tablet age-appropriate.

Make sure that you disable the web browser on any tablet you give to your kids. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you can block any videos, music, games, and apps that are not age-appropriate. 

best tablet for kids

Safe Web Browsing 

One of the reasons to go with a specially designed kids tablet over a hand me down the tablet, is kid’s tablets come with a “safe” web browser. Or sometimes these tablets won’t even come with internet access, and the kid-appropriate games and apps are pre-loaded onto the device. 

While this doesn’t let your kid has as wide of a selection of all the latest games, at least you know the tablet is safe. There are LeapPads for example which while great child-safe tablets, your child might be annoyed that they can’t get the same games their friends have on iPads or Androids.  

Consider Battery Life 

The battery life of a kid’s tablet is also an important feature to consider. A lot of kids tablets will last half as long as an iPad, with a battery life of only five or six hours.

While your kid can use their tablet as it’s charging, you’ll want to avoid any tablets that don’t charge with a USB. This makes it difficult to charge tablets during long car rides.  

Get The Right Size Screen 

You’ll also want to make sure your kid’s tablet has a decent-sized screen. Younger kids will have a hard time with a ten-inch tablet. Which is why Amazon Fire‘s seven-inch screen is perfect for tiny hands.   


You’ll also want to make sure the tablet you’re looking at has e a microSD card slot. This way you won’t have to delete music, photos, and apps any time the storage is full.

You’ll want to make sure the table you get has as much storage as possible, especially if you are looking at a tablet without an Internet connection. Memory cards are cheap, and you can use them to back-up photos, music, and videos. 

The 4 Best Tablets For Kids in 2020

Now that you know what to look for with a kid-friendly tablet, here are the best tablets for kids on the market today. 

amazon fire table

There are two models we like here, the Amazon Fire 7 which is only $50. This tablet had a minor update since the 2015 seven inch Fire tablet. Sadly the camera and processers haven’t been updated, but you can’t beat this low price. 

This tablet has a great value and it’s an easy way to use Amazon’s services, which includes music, video, and even Alexa. While there’s nothing Goggle here, this is tablet is still a great choice for kids. 

Or you could upgrade to the Amazon Fire HD 8 2018. 

This low cost tablet is also a great option. This device has a larger and better screen than the Amazon Fire 7, making it an ideal option for older kids. But if you’re looking for a tablet for younger or more accident-prone kids, you can stick with the cheaper option. 

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

This tablet might not be the cheapest option for kids, but this is a solid device. If you want to give this to an older child, like a six or eight year old, you can remove the bumper so they can use this tablet normally. Just remember that again, this device has no Google services, just YouTube. 

This device also comes with a subscription for a year to Fire For Kids Unlimited. It also comes with a two-year warranty that covers damage that’s accidental, which is key for anything you give your kids. While it lacks in Andriod and Google apps, it has a better screen than most other tablets for kids. 

contixo tablet

This mid-price tablet, isn’t a common budget tablet, as it comes with well-thought-out and elevated software. This interface gives you as the parents a lot of control over the tablet while still being easy enough for anyone to set it up in just a few minutes. 

There are a few issues with the hardware itself like it has a slow power button, but it’s price a delivers with what you would expect from this device. Also unlike the Amazon tablets, this tablet has Google access. 

samsung galaxy table a kids edition

Samsung makes an amazing tablet for kids which is highly rated by consumers. It’s designed with their Samsung Kids subscription available to give your kids endless fun. Cartoons, games, books, and opportunities for a lot of learning will give you a chance to keep your kids entertained easily.

The tablet works great with a battery that lasts 13 hours. This 8-inch tablet fits easily in your child’s hands, protected by a high-quality case.  

Now that you know what to look for when buying tablets for kids, find the tablet that’s right for your family. Make sure you find one that’s age-appropriate, with safe web browsing, the right size screen, and with good battery life and enough storage. Then find the tablet that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

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