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If you’re looking for a good solution to get your kids outside, you might want to take a look at this article featuring the best sandbox options of the year.

You can learn a lot from a sandbox. Everything from manners and sharing to physics. Recently, some schools have even started using sandboxes and augmented reality to teach students about topography. 

Maybe you aren’t looking to go that far, but you still want to get something stimulating that encourages your child’s creativity, right? Not to worry, we have compiled a list of the ten best sandboxes you can find for outdoor play. 

10 Best Sandboxes for Kids: Product Roundup

Now for the fun stuff! Here are our 10 picks for best sandbox for kids in our product roundup. We’ve chosen them based on features, benefits, price, quality, and customer feedback.

Step 2 Naturally Playful Sandbox II

The Good: This sandbox holds up to 200 pounds of sand and the size is large enough for several children to play in. In fact, there are four seats built into the corners. Additionally, the lid is durable and fits well when it is time to get stored.

The Bad: The sandbox requires assembly and some people say they have trouble getting everything lined up to prevent sand leaks.

kidkraft pirate sandboat

The Good: It is a sandbox made to look like a pirate ship! It has storage compartments and a canopy to keep out the sun. The plastic liner that contains the sand is very thick.

The bad: This sandbox does not come with a cover, so you will have to make your own. Also, while the liner is thick and durable, the clips that hold it in place are not.

Simplay3 Sand and Water Bench

The Good: When closed, this sandbox becomes a bench for kids to sit on. The sandbox opens to reveal a water basin on one side and a sandpit on the other. The water basin is even surrounded by a track for cars and trains making it almost as fun as one of these full-fledged water tables.

The Bad: The water basin does not have a drain hole. You have to bail the water out if you don’t want to dump the sand when playtime ends. 

Simplay3 Caterpillar Sandbox With Lid

The Good: The caterpillar shape is different and loads of fun. Because of its slender shape, it can fit into smaller spaces, but it is deep enough to hold up to 100 pounds of sand. 

The Bad: The sandbox is only large enough for one toddler to sit in and play. But if they play on the outside four or five kids can enjoy the box.  

SandLock Sandbox 5x5

The Good: This 5 x 5 sandbox is large enough to hold about 800 pounds of sand. It is easy to assemble and has four clever corner seats to keep tiny bums out of the sand.

The Bad: The cover is a light canvas material that can become brittle in the sun.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

The Good: This sandbox has legs! This makes it perfect for toddlers and helps them to stay clean while they play. The lid fits perfectly on top and is easily strapped down to keep it secure and rainproof. 

The Bad: You cannot adjust the height of the table so it does not grow with the child. 

little tikes big digger sandbox

The Good: The lid for this imaginative sandbox doesn’t just cover the sand and keep it clean, it also doubles as a ramp and hard-surface play area for trucks. The crane on the side makes it perfect for little construction and excavation projects. There are even storage compartments for handy digging tools. 

The Bad: The lid has a drainage system, but the holes get clogged with sand. Because of this, you may have to dump the water off the top after it rains and this can cause the water to get inside. 

exaco felix gaspo sandbox

The Good: This sandbox features a canopy that converts into a cover when playtime is over. Just turn the crank at the top and presto! Your sand is protected. It is large enough for several kids to play in at the same time and the edges double as a comfortable bench to sit on while playing. 

The Bad: The sandbox requires assembly and the instructions are difficult to follow. If you put it together incorrectly the canopy supports and bench edges are not as sturdy as they should be. 

KIDWISE Digasaurus Activity Sandbox

The Good: This sandbox has an awesome surprise at the bottom! Dinosaur bones. Kids love digging and excavating the bones of their favorite bones. Plus it is designed to mimic a large rock so it blends in perfectly with your landscape. 

The Bad: The dinosaur bone bottom takes up room. This makes it seem smaller than its actual dimensions of 11″H x 64″L x 47″W. 

Activity Sandbox with Canopy by KidKraft

The Good: The lid for this sandbox folds back to make two benches. Each bench can support 200 pounds of weight, so the best part of this sandbox is that the adults can play too! This sandbox would be a great companion your other backyard playground equipment. KidKraft makes excellent wooden toys, so it’s no surprise that they made our list for best sandbox.

The Bad: When some people assemble the sandbox, they find that there is a gap in the lid. This is because of improper assembly, but it seems to happen a lot. 

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Sandbox for Kids

When you were little, you probably remember having a lot of fun making mudpies in your backyard. Maybe you had a sandbox and maybe you didn’t, but either way, it was a load of fun. 

Now that you are older with kids of your own, you want to give them that same experience, but you may be wondering if sandboxes are dangerous.

The short answer is, sandboxes can be very safe places to play. But there are some things you should know before you buy a sandbox to help keep it a danger-free zone. 

best sandbox for kids

Maintain the Sandbox

To keep the sandbox a healthy place to play, you need to do a little maintenance. Here are some things you can do to help keep your kids safe: 

  1. Clean the sand regularly with a clean litter scoop. 
  2. Replace the sand every year.
  3. Cover the box when it is not in use. 
  4. Keep pets out of the sandbox. 

Pick Good Sand

The type of sand you choose can have an impact on the safety of your box and your child’s enjoyment. Course sand hurts. Dusty sand can cause asthma attacks.

The best kinds of sand are fine, but dust-free and have been pre-cleaned with the purpose of children playing in it in mind. 

  • Play Sand: This is natural fine sand. There are a variety of brands and most are relatively cheap. 
  • Kinetic Sand: This type of sand sticks to itself, but not clothes or skin so it is easy to clean and doesn’t make as much of a mess. 
  • Jurassic Sand: This is a specific brand of sand that prides themselves on a lack of dust in their sand. 

Encourage Their Imaginations to Run Wild

A sandbox is a great place for adventure, so why not help inspire their imaginations with one of these activities? 

  • Use old cookware to build sandcastles
  • Turn your sandpit into an archaeology dig
  • Hide small toys in the sand to encourage a treasure hunt

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