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It’s all too common these days for children to spend their free time using iPads and accessories instead of building motor and life skills. Instead, interest your child with toys that are both educational and fun. Toy kitchens are great for this! Not only will children love playing with the toy fruits and veggies and kitchen appliances, they’ll also learn skills important for using the real things. Finding the best play kitchen is your next step!

In fact, your kids may love their play kitchen so much they forget about anything else for a while. There are countless types of play kitchens available today, which can make your decision a tough one. Consider your needs and the interests of your children, then start researching and comparing. To help you get started we’ve written this handy-dandy guide. Read on for some help choosing the best play kitchen for your children.

Our Top 6 Best Play Kitchens 2019

There are so many great play kitchens to choose from, but some definitely stand out from the rest. Here are five of the best play kitchens we’ve found on the market today.

While your child’s interests, needs, and safety should be the driving actors behind your decision, these play sets should give you some inspiration.

1. Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

best play kitchen

If you’re looking for a more economical, but completely functional play kitchen, this one should be at the top of your list. Realistic lights an sounds add to the fun of playing with this kitchen. Offering a 25-piece kitchen accessory set, a kitchen window, and an oven that opens, this kitchen provides plenty of learning and play time for your kids.

2. Little Tikes Super Chef Play Kitchen

best wooden play kitchen

Some play kitchens take up a considerable amount of space, but this one provides hours of fun and learning while leaving a minimal footprint. Its compact size makes this a great option for smaller places, such as apartments or bedrooms. Kids will love storing food in the opening refrigerator and hearing the electronic cooking sounds.

Little Tikes has long made some of the best play kitchen sets for children.

3. Teamson Kids – Little Chef Wooden Toy Play Kitchen

Best Wooden Play Kitchen

best play kitchen for toddler

If you’re looking for the best wooden play kitchen, this one should be on your consideration list. More natural looking than many other play kitchens, this one still comes with storage and a gas range. Lead-free pain makes this a great option for kids, and the wood used in the construction makes it safe and sturdy.

4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Play Kitchen

best play kitchen sets

Is your child a fan of cooking shows? Or are they used to your fancy kitchen? To better suit their interests, consider purchasing this gourmet play kitchen! A cut above the rest, this kitchen provides the same fun as other kitchens, but with a fancier flare, complete with gas range, microwave, and a working ice dispenser!

5. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

Best Play Kitchen for Toddler

best play kitchen for toddlers

If you’re looking for the best play kitchen for toddlers, look no further than this one from KidKraft. Toddlers will love the bold, bright colors! Like any other play kitchen, though, this one contains small toys, so make sure young children have supervision to prevent choking problems.

6. Teamson Kids – Retro Wooden Play Kitchen

kitchen play set

Looking for a play kitchen that stands out? Why not go for a retro look? Constructed from sturdy wood, this cute play kitchen will provide years of fun for your child. Choose from several colors, including white, pink, mint, and navy blue. Your children will enjoy this highly-interactive kitchen, including the chalkboard, knobs, storage spaces, and removable sink. It’s even got a refrigerator, freezer, oven and dishwasher.

Benefits of Owning a Play Kitchen

best kids play kitchen

The best play kitchens are great for enhancing your child’s imagination. There’s no end to the combination of foods and drinks they can make when presented with toy stoves, microwaves, and food. Play kitchens are also great learning tools. While children may want to help parents in the kitchen, it’s much safer for them to learn about kitchen safety in an environment that doesn’t include heating elements.

Children love to play and create, and they’ll be able to do both with their play kitchen. Whether they simply love to put the food and dishes away, or they like to make imaginary meals for you, they’ll find endless hours of fun in their kitchen. If nothing else, the toys and accessories that accompany toy kitchens provide great items for practicing various skills, like counting, picking up objects, or color recognition.

What to Look For When Shopping For the Best Play Kitchen

Most play kitchens tend to have the same basic elements. These include an oven, stove, refrigerator, and counter space.


They may also come with accessories, such as play dishes and food. When comparing play kitchens, consider your wants, as well as the wants of your child. What would he or she most enjoy? A bright, simple kitchen, or one that more closely resembles your own?

best play kitchen 2017

Age Appropriate and Safe

Whichever play kitchen you choose, make sure the environment is safe for your children. If you young children will be playing with the kitchen and accompanying toys, be aware of choking hazards. If constant supervision isn’t an option, consider purchasing a food and dish set with larger pieces and discarding any smaller ones that come with the kitchen.

The best kids play kitchen should list the ages the toy is appropriate with. Consider a wooden option that will be safer and with less small parts.

Other Features

The skills and learning needs of your child can be taken into consideration as you compare different play kitchens. If your child has had a hard time learning to pull on things, choose a kitchen with drawers for them to practice on.

If you’re currently focusing on teaching your child how to identify colors, look for a kitchen set that provides bright colors they are familiar with. No matter the kitchen you choose, there will be things for your child to learn. But specializing his or her learning doesn’t hurt!

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