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You can’t go wrong with buying your kids an ATV. If you’re looking for a bullet proof way to get them outdoors this will do the trick. Check out our list of the best kids ATVs (and youth ATVs) of the year in our section below. We’ve got a little something for kids in all age ranges.

After our comparison table, you’ll see more detailed write ups of each ATV. Beyond that is a buyers guide chock full of information about ATV features and benefits. We’re here to help make your buying decision oh-so-easy!

Best Kids ATVs: Comparison Table

We have the same picks featured below in our comparison table, as we do in our best kids ATVs roundup in the next section. We’ve listed them by price range, from lowest to highest, in order to make sifting through them no problem.

Our more in depth analysis of each ATV is in the same order to make it easy to reference if you have additional questions.

On a smartphone or smaller screen? Click the green plus signs to view more information about each ATV for Kids we have featured.

ProductAge PowerMax SpeedLoad CapacityPopularityCost
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX ATV2-712 Volt6mph75lbs
Razor Dirt Quad8+250 Watt/ 24 Volt10mph120lbs
Sonora 24V Mini Quad for Kids4+350Watt/ 24 Volt10mph150lbs
Rosso Motors Kids Electric ATV3-8500 Watt/ 36 Volt15mph90lbs
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Quad 3-8800 Watt/ 36 Volt15mph90lbs
Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike7+500 Watt/ 36 Volt15mph220lbs
TAO TAO 110cc Gas Powered Adjustable Speed Kids ATV7+110cc35mph143lbs

Top 7 Best Kids ATVs & Youth ATVs of 2019

There are great many companies that have ventured into the production of ATVs. However, only a handful are truly successful at it. Selecting the best ATV for your kid is no walk in the park.

Fortunately, we are here to save day. You’ll find below the top 7 very best ATVs worth your hard earned dollars.

1. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX ATV

Best ATV For Kids Under 7
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Kawasaki KFX

  • Age Range: 2-7
  • Power: 12 Volt
  • Max Speed: 6mph
  • Colors: Hot Wheels, TMNT, Barbie, Paw Patrol
  • Load Capacity: 75lbs

If you’ve got a young child and want to get them started early, this is the one. This is the best kids ATV for young children. Their face will light up when they see this puppy. The Kawasaki KFX by Fisher-Price comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery that has a top speed of 5mph a secondary speed of 2.5, and it can go slowly in reverse. This allows parents to set the right speed depending on the experience of the child.

The KFX also boasts power lock brakes as well as four tires that feature patented “monster traction” to allow for easy rides though dirt, mud, gravel as well as wet grass among other terrain.

atv for kids

The Kawasaki KFX comes in four styles: Hot Wheels, Barbie, Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We’re a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one but that might just be us. Turtle Power! The cool styles plus the flashy chrome wheels and accents and rugged looking tires are well embraced by all kids. It lasts for about 5 hours on a full charge, after that simply wheel it into the garage and plug her in.

2. Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad ATV

  • Age Range: 8+
  • Power: 250 Watt/ 24 Volt
  • Max Speed: 10mph
  • Colors: Black
  • Load Capacity: 120lbs

Razor doesn’t just make awesome scooters, they also have a little of dirt quads. This easily made our list of the best ATV for kids. Their products inspire younger riders around the world to get into popular action sports like BMX and motocross. This is best for kids 8 and above and has a max weight capacity of 120 pounds. There’s actually quite some tech built into this model, its got terrain tracing droop travel rear suspension with coil shock. That keeps your kid truckin’ through rocky terrain no problems.

best kids atv

The twist grip acceleration, hand operated disc brake, 13 inch knobby tires, high torque motor and gearing do a good job of mimicking a full sized ATV. The batteries aren’t shabby, they hold enough juice to provide up to 40 minutes of continuous use. As Razor says ‘when the backyard becomes too groomed and the sidewalk to smooth’ the Dirt Quad enters for unlimited adventure.

3. Sonora 24V Mini Quad for Kids 

pink camo atv for kids

  • Age Range: 4+
  • Power: 350Watt/ 24 Volt
  • Max Speed: 10mph
  • Colors: Pink Camo, Green Camo
  • Load Capacity: 150lbs

A little bit nicer option out there is the Outdoor Kids Mini Quad by Sonora. It features a 24 Volt powered motor, with a speed governor that allows a max speed of either 5 or 10 mph depending on age and experience. The age range on this ATV is pretty decent. It’s great for kids 4+, and will fit them until they are around 150lbs.

The tires are rubber, and built to last outdoors. It’ll be the perfect addition to camping trips, or rides around your property. Sonora features two wheel drive, with suspension in the back and front for added shock absorbency and handling on rougher trails.

4. Rosso Motors Kids Electric ATV

Rosso Motors Kids Electric ATV Four Wheeler

  • Age Range: 3-8
  • Power: 500 Watt/ 36 Volt
  • Max Speed: 15mph
  • Colors: Blue, Black
  • Load Capacity: 90lbs

A bit more stylish than the Razor, Rosso Motor’s Kids ATV is about on par with it in terms of power. Three 12V batteries coming in at 36V total dishes out 500 watts of power and gets this going up to 12 mph. Not shabby. We think it’s interesting how Razor recommends kids to be 14 and above for theirs and then Rosso says ages 3 to 8 can use this one. We suspect it may be something to do with liability on Razor’s part.

At any rate, the all terrain tires, disc brake system, shock suspension package, and 3 speed governor with reverse round at this kids ATV package nicely. This is definitely one of the coolest ATVs for kids and it mimics the design of “grown up” ATVs like the Polaris Scrambler or Yamaha Raptor. In terms of dollars per performance, this is one of the best quads for kids out there.

5. Rosso Motors Kids ATV Quad 

Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On Utility with 800W 36V Battery Electric Power

  • Age Range: 3-8
  • Power: 800 Watt/ 36 Volt
  • Max Speed: 15mph
  • Colors: Green, Pink, Blue
  • Load Capacity: 90lbs

Rosso makes another model of electric ATV that is only a bit more price wise but packs 300 more watts for a total of 800. Rosso calls this one the big brother to their 500W model featured above. Upgrades include more aggressive utility racks in the front and rear aka bumpers, dual LED headlights, larger tires, and of course more power.

6. Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike 

Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike

  • Age Range: 7+
  • Power: 500 Watt/ 36 Volt
  • Max Speed: 15mph
  • Colors: White
  • Load Capacity: 220lbs

If you’re kids already an adrenaline junkie and looking for a thrill, this Razor Dirt Quad has a bit more juice. This is our pick for the best electric ATV. While Razor recommends it for kids 14 and above, we’ve seen many who have younger kids mobbing around on it. This model does after all support riders up to 220 pounds. The 500 DLX is powered by a 500 watt motor that lasts about 60 minutes on a full charge.

It’s a bit more sturdy then its younger brother. A larger frame, higher torque motor, and authentic moto-styling is a good step up for older riders. The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad is powered by three 12V rechargeable batteries. This kids ATV has a top speed of about 12 miles per hour.

7. TAO TAO 110cc Gas Powered Adjustable Speed Kids ATV

TAO TAO Brand model # ATA-125D -110cc fully automatic engine with REVERSE

  • Age Range: 7+
  • Power: 110cc
  • Max Speed: 35mph
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Red, Camo and More!
  • Load Capacity: 143lbs

Kids that are ready for the next step will appreciate this 110cc from TAO. The 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, automatic start, chain drive engine kicks out enough power to do about 30-35 at top speed. The nice thing about this ATV is that you can modify the speed and bump it up as your kid grows. You can adjust the speed governor down to as low as 5mph. This is the perfect investment and why we think this is one of the best youth ATVs out there.

Independent shocks, remote kill switch, 16×8-7 tires, and hand operated shifting and brakes are all good features to have. TAO backs this unit with a 30 day warranty for replacement of defective parts and a 1 year warranty on the engine.

General Thoughts on the Best ATVs for Kids

In the United States, there is no doubt that ATVs are among the most popular investments for recreation. Four wheeling is fun for the whole family, and a sure way to get everyone outdoors and engaged. Riding trails together or going to the coast and tearing up the sand dunes provides hours of entertainment.


Age Range: What’s the Best Youth ATV for My Kid?

You’ll want to check out the appropriate age range recommended by the manufacturer of each ATV. Truth be told, some manufacturers will raise that age range pretty high probably due to liability concerns and that sort of thing. The best approach is common sense and weighing factors like your kid’s height and strength relative to their age and experience level with motorized vehicles.

You don’t want to put a 5 year old who’s never driven anything before on a 110cc+ ATV. Neither do you want to put a teenager on an electric with a top speed of 10mph.

While a lot of action sports are somewhat prohibitive until kids reach a certain age, young children can get into ATVing.

  1. Gives them a head-start on other kids that get into power sports.
  2. Instills a sense of confidence.
  3. Creates a lack of fear.
  4. Encourages responsibility because they will take a sense of ownership in their new vehicle.

Encourage Adventure

ATVs and dirt bikes are used outdoors by children as well as adults and have resulted in an array of action sports like, BMX and motocross. It is a lot easier for kids to get into it at a young age.

While a dirt bike is likely to pose challenges to balance, a four wheeler ATV has the same features like a small car thus making it easy and fun to ride.

The best youth ATV is going to have more power than one designed for kids. They are going to be larger, and some will even be the size of adult ATVs.

Picking out the best youth ATV

The great thing about ATVs is that speed + control are universally loved by kids. You can’t go wrong by buying one of these for them. Just beware, all their friends will want to come over and ride them around.

Choosing a high quality four wheeler ATV for your kids will make learning not only easier but also comfortable. In order to get an ultimate riding experience when using an ATV, it is wise to select the right ATV for your family. By considering ages as well as levels of experience, you’ll ensure you won’t get something with too much power or too difficult to operate for your kid(s).

The cool thing about some kids ATVs is that they have an adjustable speed governor, so you can bump up the juice as your kid grows and learns the limits of his/her ride.

Things to Consider Before Buying an ATV Designed for Kids/Youths

Selecting the best 4 wheeler for kids is not something you should rush into. The best ATV for kids all depends on the age and experience level of each kid.

Although price is among the important things to take into account when buying an ATV, there are other aspects you cannot afford to ignore. Here are tips that will help you choose the right ATV for your family.

Electric vs. Gas Powered

Fuel type is an essential thing to consider when looking for an ATV. The best ATVs come in two main types namely those with gas powered motors and electric powered. For kids, it is recommended that you stick with the electric powered devices because of safety reasons and ease of use. They are low maintenance, generally last up to 45 minutes of continuous use (more than enough for most kids attention spans), and you wheel them into the garage and plug them in once they run out of charge — no expensive fuel to buy.

In case your child must use a gas powered device, then she or he should learn to ride with extra caution. In the end, it is up to you to determine whether a four wheeler is ideal for your kids or not.

ATV Parts

Top Speed

Hand in hand with the fuel used to power the ATV, is the top speed. Electrics are generally not going to go as fast as gas powered models. You should look for a device that meets the skills of your child. If your kid is just learning how to ride these machines, then it is good to look for a top speed of 10-15mph max. You may even want to consider one that you can govern the speed as they get older. Then, instead of buying 2-3 machines as they age, you can simply increase the top speed of the one machine as they age.


While some folks don’t give the look of the ATV a second thought, our opinion is if you’re going to drop a bunch of money on something you might as well get an ATV that looks cool.

Kids love the ATVs that are styled after adult ATVs. Does it have flashy bright colors? Even better.

For very young children ATVs that have Power Wheel designs or their favorite TV/Movie franchise are a smart pick.

Safety Features

Safety is very crucial when riding an ATV. Apart from type, speed, and style you should look at the safety ratings of different brands on the market before making a decision.

Some of the safety features to look for include:

  • quality tires
  • lights for use in dim light conditions
  • high speed lockouts
  • power lock brakes
  • and padded handlebars

-just to mention a few. Some youth ATVs have remote kill switches, so you can cut them off if they get a little too wild or have been outside forever.

Extra Features

In addition, a youth ATV should feature extra add-ons such as storage space to allow for easy transportation of drinks/snacks. Quality tires such as well threaded/all-terrain tires increase performance and are more durable in the long run.

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