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We’ve all experienced it. You’re watching our little one playing in the yard one second, then turn away to fold some laundry, or perhaps to check on dinner. That moment when you look back up and can’t see your child can cause panic.  Usually, it just means our little one is up to no good: spying in a window, hiding behind a tree or perhaps about to jump out at us with an emphatic “boo!” But we’re parents, and we can’t help but worry. Which is why finding the best ups tracker for kids can be an excellent parenting decision in a variety of situations.

But what tracker to choose? We’ve done the legwork for you; here, you’ll find a list that is sure to contain the best GPS tracker for kids and for your unique circumstances. Take a look and get tracking!

5 Best GPS Tracker for Kids of 2019

Which leads us to the best GPS tracker for kids. Except we couldn’t really decide because each comes with its own unique characteristics. One could be great for a parent heading to Disneyland but inappropriate for a father keeping track of a son who just took off in that fancy all-terrain vehicle.

That’s why we’ve rustled up five of the best gps for kids, all the while keeping cost and ratings in mind.

1. Tile Mate

best gps tracker for kids

Perhaps one of the more commonly-used trackers, Tile Mate is useful if you happen to lose a necessary item. However, it is also useful for keeping track of young ones. Measuring a mere 1.3 inches, the Tile Mate has a convenient hole that allows you to place it on tags or in book bags.

If you notice your child is being oddly quiet or has perhaps disappeared (unknown to you) behind the backyard bounce house in a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek, you can press a button on your phone to activate a ringer or use your cell to find his or her location.

gps tracker for kids

However, the Bluetooth tracking in this gps tracking device for kids, only locates items or persons within a short to medium range. If long distance tracking is needed, customers will have to contact Tile community’s global network. Further, while Tile promises a 12-month lifespan, many reviewers claim the tracker quits working well before this.

2. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Tracker

gps tracking device for kids

Compact enough to be slid in the pocket of a bag or attached to a belt, the Spy Tec gadget uses Google Maps to follow a child’s movement. It’s ideal for long-range tracking and provides real-time updates up to every five seconds. Furthermore, you can set boundaries on the device and request notifications if it somehow finds itself beyond the set locations.

gps tracking for kids

The tracker also turns itself off if it’s not in motion, making the battery life that much longer. However, SpyTec’s system is a bit on the larger side, with dimensions of .9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches. Furthermore, it initially costs about $50 to purchase and the tracking requires $25 a month, although there are no contracts.

3. Speedtalk SIM Smart Watch

gps tracker for kids shoes

All you have to do is tell your kiddo it’s a watch for spies, and he’ll never take it off. Best suited for children from 4 to 9, it lets kids take photos, send SOS calls and even use it as a flashlight. And it’s splash-proof (but not water-proof, so no swimming pools, please). It’s the perfect GPS tracker for kids that they won’t mind having to wear!

For parents, you can call the watch any time of day to hear and see what the little one’s up to through a remote camera and voice monitor. You can even set the SOS calls up to send to three different phones in case someone can’t answer, restrict use during school hours and get real-time information on your child’s whereabouts. With this, you will need to purchase a separate SIM card.

4. goTela

gps trackers for kids

Planning a camping trip? If so, goTele may be the appropriate choice for you. It doesn’t require WiFi, allows SMS messaging and has SOS options. Adding authenticity to the company’s product, it’s also used by experts. Shock-proof, water-proof and you-name-it proof. This device does require two devices to work correctly so the price is a bit staggering upfront.

However, it’s a one-time deal. No monthly fees apply.

5. Ripple Button

gps locator for kids

Looking for something a bit less noticeable and easy to use in a pinch? What about a gps tracker for kids shoes that won’t be noticed? Consider Ripple, which is great for emergency-only uses. The small, wearable technology is only $19.99 and can be used to contact friends and family with your child’s location. All the wearer needs to do is press the button at least three times.

If you subscribe for $10 a month, Ripple’s 24/7 team will also contact you or your child immediately and call for help. Oh, and the device? It’s the size of a penny. Safety just got a whole lot easier.

The Benefits of a Tracker

Using GPS tracking for kids has a hoard of advantages, especially if you have more than one littles in tow. Let’s face it; it only takes a quick glimmer to capture a three-year-old’s attention and have her wander off on a mini-adventure. That’s why trackers can be so useful. Sure, we watch our kids like hawks. But it’s easier in some situations than others, and all it takes is a few seconds for a child to go from secure to lost.

Convenient for the little ones? Absolutely.

gps tracker for kids

But GPS watches for kids and other such trackers are also excellent for crowded spaces where the risk of someone getting lost becomes much higher. And, yes, to all the parents of teens who use the window more than the door, they can be great for keeping tabs on those with a penchant for late-night adventures.

They’re also useful for children with disabilities. In fact, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children endorse the use of trackers on special-needs children.


Even with all its benefits, gps trackers for kids can become a quick and ugly message: “I don’t trust you.” That’s why it’s important that context, age, and privacy be taken into consideration when a parent considers employing a GPS system. With that being said, they can be extremely helpful as give us that big sigh of relief if we’re worried.

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