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Bounce houses used to be something that was a novelty item of sorts that were only available to rent for a day or two. Nowadays, you can actually purchase your own outdoor inflatable for your family. Whether it is an upcoming birthday party, family reunion, or you want to make your house the place to go in the neighborhood, one of the best bounce houses in our list will serve you well! These are sure to keep the kids entertained. We’ve got a little of something for everyone in this one, including the most magnificent of castles to the simplest bouncers.

Top 5 Best Bounce Houses of 2020

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best bounce houses (and best inflatable water slides) you can consider getting for your family.

1. Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Inflatable Bouncer
Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes makes a couple of excellent bounce house models and the Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer is one of their top-selling models. It easily made our list of the best bouncy houses. This is ideal for a single-family and/or smaller get-togethers as it has a max capacity of 3 children (weight limit of 250 pounds). You can get one without a canopy but it will only save you around $20-40 and we think the extra cash is worth it to protect kids from bad sunburns. The 7-foot padded arena is flanked by three mesh sides to protect children from bouncing out.

The heavy-duty blower with a GFCI plug that comes with the Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer is left one and provides continuous airflow. Little Tikes put together the best bounce house for home use. You get a really nice package with this one: a storage bag, repair kit, bouncer and blower stakes, side mesh pockets for shoe storage and the like, mesh doors on the back and backs it up with a 1-year limited warranty. It is recommended for children age 3 through 8.

2. Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bouncer

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce by Blast Zone

Blast Zone manufacturers some of the top models in the bounce house category. They are known for excellent customer service and industry-leading warranties. This is perhaps one of the most unique inflatable bouncers available. The Pirate Bay theme is sure to light up kids’ faces as they see it inflate and come to life. The sizeable splash area, water turrets, and sprinkler that runs down the slide are perfect for summer days. They can pretend they are sailing the high seas, and prepare the cannons as a slider comes down to ambush them.

A cleverly designed crawl tunnel goes under the slide and into the mini bounce house. It is recommended for ages 3 and above and the max weight capacity on the inflated part of the structure is 500 pounds. This inflatable comes with a manual and DVD that walks you through safety guidelines and setup steps. Setup isn’t overly difficult. Unroll the full length of the bounce house, stake it down, turn the blower on, and fill with water. This wins our award for the best inflatable water slide.

3. Big Inflatable Combo Bouncy Slide by YARD
Yard Outdoor Play Inflatable Bounce House Jumping Castle Bouncer Combo Slide with Blower

Our list begins with one big inflatable bouncer and slide combo. It is big enough to accommodate your children and a few more from your neighborhood. With this bouncer, several children can play together without the risk of injury. The max capacity of this inflatable is about 6 children (up to a total of 550 pounds). This bouncer consists of two tunnels on either side, a slide at on the right, and a bouncy part on its left.

It is beautifully designed with bright colorful colors that are a big hit with the kids. Red, yellow, and blue is like a bright beacon and magnet to every kid within viewing distance. This bounce, slide, and jumping castle comes with a powerful 680-watt blower. The takedown isn’t a pain in the butt either, deflate by using the air tube and zipper, and then simply place it in the storage carry bag and you’re ready to store until the next big event. The mesh netting, commercial-grade 420D nylon and 14-16oz. Vinyl offers excellent anti-puncture resistance. This inflatable provides maximum durability and will resist all punctures unless you cheeto chop it with your samurai sword.

4. JumpOrange Inflatable Octopus Bouncy House & Slide Combo
JumpOrange Commercial Grade Octopus Wet & Dry Inflatable Bouncy House and Slide Combo

If you’re looking for the ultimate bouncy house and best inflatable water slide combo, look no further than the JumpOrange Commercial Grade Octopus. This is our pick for the best indoor bounce house. The Octopus purple, green, and blue color theme is a big hit with the kids. This is a massive 13 x 22-foot unit that includes a climb, slide, basketball hoop, obstacles, entrance ramp with side-guard, water sprinkler Velcro loops, and more.

The water slide into the mini pool at the bottom is a favorite and will have kids in the running up and sliding down cycle for hours. This bouncer is what we like to call an infinite smile generator. The big mesh windows enable parents to monitor their kids playing at all times. It is expensive, but it is the largest model on the market right now. You may want to consider going in on this investment with another family or two. This jumper fits up to 10 young children and is ideal for ages 5 through 12.

5. Blast Zone Inflatable Princess Bounce Castle
Blast Zone Princess Dreamland Inflatable Bounce Castle by Blast Zone

If you have a little girl, this is arguably the best inflatable bouncer to get. It is sure to win points with your little princess and her royal friends. As Blast Zone says “Fairytale magic comes to life in the Princess Dreamland Bounce Castle”. It easily holds about 3 kids and up to 300 pounds. It is mainly a bouncer, the little slide does not provide much of a runway to slide down.

This is fairly portable and easy to store bounce house. It is about the size of a sleeping bag when totally deflated. A blower constantly provides air to the unit and the hook and loop entrance and mesh netting provide a safe area while the kids bounce away. The fun graphics and neat 4 tower design will light up your child’s face with glee and is the perfect touch to a special birthday party or frequent summer fun! We think this is the best residential bounce house.

General Thoughts on Bounce House Inflatables

Toys are usually meant to maintain and arouse the happiness of children. That is why we as parents will never stop visiting our favorite toy stores to get one for our children every now and then. However, most parents do not know what to buy and what not to buy. Some toys will make your children happier than others. That is why it is very important to research before buying one. With an inflatable bouncer, you are assured that your kids will always be happy and healthy.

Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park

Despite the fact that inflatable bouncers are made for schools or public places, you can buy one that is meant for indoor purposes. The good thing is, you can have it placed in the backyard or your garden. They are very easy to manage. Once it is deflated, you can easily fold it and return it into its box for safe storage.

Inflatable bouncers are also very safe. You don’t have to worry about bruises or fractures. Once inflated, the air in them gives them shock-absorbing capabilities. It gives your children the ability and flexibility to play without boundaries or limits.
If you browse through the internet, you will come to find out that these toys exist in various designs and sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind of bouncer you want for your kid. You will readily find it in several stores at very affordable prices. Quality bouncers are known to stand the test of time. If you buy one that is made of strong fabrics, your kids will have the opportunity to enjoy bouncing for several years. You don’t have to keep on visiting the toy store every now and then.

Benefits of the Best Jump Inflatables

Here are the leading reasons people purchase a bounce house inflatable:

  • Exercise. Purchasing a bounce house is a sure way to get the kids outdoors and playing with their friends and siblings. Plenty of exercise and activity keep your children in a healthy weight range during their youthful years. Healthy kids = happy kids.
  • Portable & Easy to Store. Once these are deflated, the smaller ones are generally are about the size of a sleeping bag while the larger ones the size of a tent. That makes it easy to move and store when they are not in use. Whether you’re bringing it out every summer or once a year, the nature of these inflatables makes them less of a chore than people first imagine.
  • Owning vs. Renting. Once you get over the initial cost hurdle and buy a bouncing castle, it will save you money in the long run if you use it a lot. You no longer have to rent inflatable bouncers from commercial vendors at exorbitant rates. Whether you decide to go halfsies on it with family or purchase it outright, it doesn’t take long to recoup the cost especially if you have a few kids of your own.
  • Safety. With our little ones, safety comes first. Fortunately, inflatables by their very nature are safe and always provide a soft landing. Most manufacturers design theirs with nets and bumpers on the sides of the slides to prevent kids from getting hurt. They are made with non-toxic materials that are eco-friendly. The largest risk with bounce houses is those parents who do not supervise and let it go way over capacity (say allowing 20 kids in one designed for a max of 10). Then there is the risk of kids bouncing into each other and/or damaging the bounce castle itself.

What to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Bouncer

Size Dimensions of a Bounce House - One of the most important things to consider

Size, Weight, and Capacity

There is nothing that can be as disappointing as buying a bouncer, pumping it up with air, only to realize that it is the wrong size. You’ll want to check out the dimensions and get an idea of the size of one bouncer model to the next. It may be helpful YouTubing a few of your favorite models to really get a sense of how large it is. Capacity is important too, estimate how many kids will be using it at one time and buy accordingly.


It is very easy to get carried away when shopping for a bouncer. Set a budget or split it with family or neighborhood friends. While they provide years of entertainment for kids of all ages, it is expensive enough to be seen as an investment and not something purchased on a whim.

Residential vs. Commercial Bouncers

Some of the bouncers are made for commercial purposes while others are made for residential services. A commercial bouncer is usually very big and heavy. They are also very expensive. However, a residential bouncer is light, cheap, and small. Obviously, commercial-sized bouncers are going to be a lot more expensive while residential bouncers can be had for a few hundred bucks. They are the ideal choice if you are looking for something simple to set up in the backyard during the summer. For big parties and family reunions, you may want to consider a commercial bouncer.

Keep Materials in Mind

The simplest way to evaluate the quality of a bouncer is by identifying the material it is made of. The best bouncers are made of oxford cloth tarpaulin or high-quality thick PVC. You will find that most residential bouncers are made of woven oxford cloth; however, some of the top residential bouncers are made of PVC. Stitching is another very important component of a bouncer and will determine its long term durability. If the stitching is sound and the inflatable material is highly resistant to puncture, you will have a bouncer that will stand the test of time and use.

Go for a Bouncer with a Continuous Flow of Air

Most of the bouncers on the market already have this feature. However, some do not. The benefit of a continuous flow of air is that it allows air to escape through the seams reducing the probability of tearing or breakage.

Ensure that there is a Warranty

Whether the inflatable bouncer is expensive or cheap, always look for a warranty. A warranty signals that the manufacturer has faith in the construction and build quality of their product. The longer and more comprehensive the warranty, the better. In almost all cases, you will get a warranty that is limited to a specific time.


Most bouncers meet or exceed safety guidelines, however, it’s not a given. Especially if you are not buying a model from a trusted brand like Little Tikes or Blast Zone, you may want to double-check. Fortunately, most manufacturers are very thoughtful in their designs, using mesh enclosures, bumpers along with their slides, concealed stakes, and other appropriate measures to ensure child safety.

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